Inspiration for my mosaics is drawn from the unrefined beauty of the natural environment. I am captivated by its complexity of form, texture, colour, light, and the impression it gives of perfect simplicity.

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Each work is as individual as the image that inspired it.

Rarely without a camera, I use photos taken while hiking, tide pooling or otherwise engaging with flora and fauna as a spark for a new piece—they’re not literal guides. There is no plan.

From there I build organically. Stained and vitreous glass, as well as minerals; both polished and unpolished, are among my favorite materials. Using and shaping the geometry of hard-edged materials, I love the challenge of portraying the texture and flow of living forms.



A selection of works privately commissioned.

Do you have an idea you’d like to see as a mosaic? Let’s discuss the possibilities.


from the meanderings of shardArtist

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  • Happily Bubbling Away

    One of the frustrations of not being able to work at my art full-time, is the length of time it takes to complete a project. I know – I’m the first to agree that it’s not abo...

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  • Myanmar Mosaics

    This past December, Jack and I embarked on the trip of a lifetime to Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. I’ll spare you the majority of the almost ten thousand pictures we took and sha...

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